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Tallinn Trophy Kids 2022
(Inter-club for Kids)

Inter-club Figure Skating competition for youngsters and kids. Event is held in accordance with Estonian Skating Union Classification. The Tallinn Trophy Kids 2022 is part of Estonian Skating Union competition calendar plan.


Technical Data

Preliminary Time Schedule

Entries / Results

Event Schedule

Thursday, 12.05.2022

Draw Starting Order

all categories by 22:00

Friday, 13.05.2022

Interclub Categories

Young Girls
Pre-Young Girls

Saturday, 14.05.2022

Interclub Categories

Chicks A Girls
Cubs A Girls & Boys
Basic Novice Girls & Boys
Advanced Novice Girls & Boys
Chicks B Girls
Novice B Girls
Springs B Girls

Sunday, 15.05.2022

Interclub Categories

Cubs B Girls & Boys 
Intermediate Novice Girls

Advanced Novice Girls & Boys
Pre-Chicks B Girls & Boys
Pre-Chicks A Girls
Chicks C Girls
Pre-Chicks C Girls & Boys


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